happy new year


Happy New Year!

It has been a while away and back to start posting, sharing good posts and new illustrations! 🙂

This illustration has been made with a natural colour scheme combined with an elegant font for the wishes title

Here’s to a happy productive, healthy and successful New Year!




It’s been a long time since I have posted something on my blog – I am happy to be back and share the love of creating fun illustrations. A seasonal one this time and hope you enjoy. My greetings to you and may your heart be filled with joy, love and happiness now and in 2016!

Beautiful and Sunlit


New illustration created this week including beautiful flowers with shining sun light. @ Elli Chortara 2015

The Cheetah


Here is the illustration for this week a proud and beautiful Cheetah! Cheetahs are animals of extreme beauty and of course speed – they are the fastest animals on land, so I have read recently – but unfortunately also an endangered species. If you like big cats please contribute here:
Cheetahs are dynamic, wild, beautiful and fast – so here she is – an illustrated version of one! Font used courtesy of Retro Fonts from Laurence King Publishing.

A great way to start this month and the last of winter too, the month that prepares us to welcome spring and wishing you all a Happy February!!!!!!! Elli Chortara © 2015

Mills and Castles


Hello! Keeping the creativity promise as per 2015’s resolution and here is the latest illustration called ‘Mills and Castles’ and -inspired- by beauty that older buildings have. Also by mentioning some inspiration by warriors, nature, castles here is a contemporary version of a static vector building construction. Clean shapes and of course keeping it as colourful as ever!
Elli Chortara © 2015

No title – Don’t know what it is called yet illustration!

Hello! As promised this year will be a creative one with more and more illustrations coming up and and even more creativity for good measure! Well just a few days after the start of the new year and feeling more motivated to be creative than ever.. – here is the newest illustration full of colours, shapes and shades for your eyes enjoyment all combined with a smile to keep lighting up our hearts! 🙂

Copyright © Elli Chortara 2015.

Christmas/New Year’s/Season’s Greetings Card


Hello Dear Followers! Thanks for your support, it has been a very long time since I have updated my blog. Here it is my latest piece it is a Christmas Card or a Season’s Greetings Card – however you like to celebrate and has been at first created and designed by my little creative hands!

Sending you all my kindest Love and hope you have an extra fantastic time this Christmas which is now almost here. This is also to sum up a year that has now come almost to an end – and I am gracefully and patiently awaiting the new year of 2015! It has been a creative and productive year in general and am delighted to update you with this new colourful illustration and hopefully I will be posting some new creative work more often from now on 🙂
Elli Chortara © 2014

Collaboration theme


Here is my latest one! Very vintage indeed – Combining F1 car style with a some kind of random space ship from the past – parked into an abstract port and using some reds, yellows and blues for a retro style palette – and with this composition visually ‘completing’ a circle of collaboration of blog posts – adding of course a cup cake on the side for a blog anniversary – since it is a due collaboration theme time of month and it has been almost a year this theme choice challenge has started! Also have added some texture a technique I have been trying a bit more recently.



Here is the latest illustration it is called ‘Cosmic’ and has been created in probably more that 2-3 cafes – as all my illustrations made with the best possible intentions. It might seem strange to some going to a cafe all the time especially on sunny weekends and doing all these drawings instead of just lying down somewhere in the sunshine – oh well – I like to create my illustrations somewhere with people and noise, especially after work or during the weekends when I simply like to have some creative fun, and I live in tiny tiny room too! Such is the life of a creative – what can be done – this is a blessing or a curse – take it or leave it – I think I ‘ll take it 🙂

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