Food In the City


Here is the new illustration I ‘ve made called Food In The City. Since I really enjoy food I have decided to create a visual exploration of combining some food and city like elements. Food explorations in cities are great, and there so much to discover with plenty of choice – but sometimes one can fall into the trap of eating ready – processed or fast foods and if not then continuously eating the same stuff over and over again because of busy schedules and limited time to cook or simply luck of time to think and experiment with something different etc. I reflect upon going into work and sometimes thinking I should grab a sandwich somewhere during lunch break, from where can I get it and what would it have inside? Do I want something hot to eat or just a cold sandwich to keep me going for the day? Another question is – oh why did I not prepare my lunch to take with me at work again the previous night or maybe was I a bit tired to think let alone to cook? Which cafe or sandwich place would be the best and reasonable one to choose? The choice has most of the times been a healthy one or not too harmful at least. The question and the exploration of trying quick foods in town seems almost like a playful moment during the day, where smells or looking at the food itself or simply getting a good vibe from a place guides me. So here is a food space playful with metropolitan aspects to it. Well enjoy your quick lunch wherever you are! 🙂 All work is copyright of Elli Chortara © 2013 All rights reserved.


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