The Cheetah


Here is the illustration for this week a proud and beautiful Cheetah! Cheetahs are animals of extreme beauty and of course speed – they are the fastest animals on land, so I have read recently – but unfortunately also an endangered species. If you like big cats please contribute here:
Cheetahs are dynamic, wild, beautiful and fast – so here she is – an illustrated version of one! Font used courtesy of Retro Fonts from Laurence King Publishing.

A great way to start this month and the last of winter too, the month that prepares us to welcome spring and wishing you all a Happy February!!!!!!! Elli Chortara © 2015


Mills and Castles


Hello! Keeping the creativity promise as per 2015’s resolution and here is the latest illustration called ‘Mills and Castles’ and -inspired- by beauty that older buildings have. Also by mentioning some inspiration by warriors, nature, castles here is a contemporary version of a static vector building construction. Clean shapes and of course keeping it as colourful as ever!
Elli Chortara © 2015

No title – Don’t know what it is called yet illustration!

Hello! As promised this year will be a creative one with more and more illustrations coming up and and even more creativity for good measure! Well just a few days after the start of the new year and feeling more motivated to be creative than ever.. – here is the newest illustration full of colours, shapes and shades for your eyes enjoyment all combined with a smile to keep lighting up our hearts! 🙂

Copyright © Elli Chortara 2015.



Here is the latest illustration it is called ‘Cosmic’ and has been created in probably more that 2-3 cafes – as all my illustrations made with the best possible intentions. It might seem strange to some going to a cafe all the time especially on sunny weekends and doing all these drawings instead of just lying down somewhere in the sunshine – oh well – I like to create my illustrations somewhere with people and noise, especially after work or during the weekends when I simply like to have some creative fun, and I live in tiny tiny room too! Such is the life of a creative – what can be done – this is a blessing or a curse – take it or leave it – I think I ‘ll take it 🙂



Whoop, is the new illustration of this week – some visual cry of excitement and positivity combining abstract visual elements to start the weekend with 🙂 Font used not mine – Illustration Elli Chortara © 2014. All Rights Reserved.

After The Fair


This is my latest illustration that comes along with the season after visiting some markets/fairs! This is a vector textured image and was fun to create it as usual! I also wanted to add a bit of perspective on this one, while adding more detailed elements. © Elli Chortara

Cycle To The Sky – theme drawing


Here is my latest illo! This is for the collab theme choice drawing exercise/challenge. This time it was ‘Cycle To The Sky’ and have used a more subtle palette to create a dreamy effect upon the kind of realistic cityscape.


The Ride


Here is the latest image called ‘The Ride’ . Playful and colourful it was great fun finishing this poster like illustration with a slight touch of autumn and halloween too. All images © Elli Chortara. All rights reserved.

Game app menu screen


This is the first screen illustration I have made for a phone app style Interface User Experience style and it is fun and interesting to try creating something more technical.

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