No title – Don’t know what it is called yet illustration!

Hello! As promised this year will be a creative one with more and more illustrations coming up and and even more creativity for good measure! Well just a few days after the start of the new year and feeling more motivated to be creative than ever.. – here is the newest illustration full of colours, shapes and shades for your eyes enjoyment all combined with a smile to keep lighting up our hearts! 🙂

Copyright © Elli Chortara 2015.


made of pure Love – fashion illo


I have come up with this fashion style illustration this week and am excited about using all those colour and vector layers, geometry and figure. Caution it may contain much much love on my part 🙂

K for Kitchen


This time kitchen is the subject! Food and flavours is an ever occurring theme not only in conversations but also in illustrations, so here is the latest one I have made ‘K for Kitchen’:) All rights reserved © Elli Chortara


This is another – not common to meet – creature to be added. This time a well dressed bear – like sleepwalker passes us by, carrying an object which appears to be a paper house, light as it is. Let the creature continue its nocturnal subconscious stroll. It won’t be long until morning, where this action long gone will only be remembered by us, the have – been wide awake viewers.

Rooster Morning Voices

The ‘voices’ of Roosters early in the morning are atmospheric, if you happen to be in the countryside. They are the natural alarm clock as the dawn unfolds and the start of a day follows. Their voices that echo in the mountains , small villages or out in nature, have interesting and sometimes dark haunting elements, and can communicate a strange notion.

All Images Elli Chortara © 2011

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