Mills and Castles


Hello! Keeping the creativity promise as per 2015’s resolution and here is the latest illustration called ‘Mills and Castles’ and -inspired- by beauty that older buildings have. Also by mentioning some inspiration by warriors, nature, castles here is a contemporary version of a static vector building construction. Clean shapes and of course keeping it as colourful as ever!
Elli Chortara © 2015


No title – Don’t know what it is called yet illustration!

Hello! As promised this year will be a creative one with more and more illustrations coming up and and even more creativity for good measure! Well just a few days after the start of the new year and feeling more motivated to be creative than ever.. – here is the newest illustration full of colours, shapes and shades for your eyes enjoyment all combined with a smile to keep lighting up our hearts! 🙂

Copyright © Elli Chortara 2015.



Here is the latest illustration it is called ‘Cosmic’ and has been created in probably more that 2-3 cafes – as all my illustrations made with the best possible intentions. It might seem strange to some going to a cafe all the time especially on sunny weekends and doing all these drawings instead of just lying down somewhere in the sunshine – oh well – I like to create my illustrations somewhere with people and noise, especially after work or during the weekends when I simply like to have some creative fun, and I live in tiny tiny room too! Such is the life of a creative – what can be done – this is a blessing or a curse – take it or leave it – I think I ‘ll take it 🙂

Some Street


Back to updating my blog, here is my latest one! This is called ‘Some Street’ and is inspired by constant long walks that involve exploring new areas and urban or outdoor landscapes.



Here is my latest illustration for this week! This is inspired by kitchens, furniture, interiors in general and lights. Using some shading and a somewhat naturally based pallet.

Illustration © Elli Chortara 2014. All rights reserved.

Time Travel World


Here is another illustration part of the collaboration theme challenge this time. Time Travel World was the theme and came up with this abstract clock small castle electro-vintage game like (if there is such thing!) illustration.
All rights Reserved © Elli Chortara 2014.



Whoop, is the new illustration of this week – some visual cry of excitement and positivity combining abstract visual elements to start the weekend with 🙂 Font used not mine – Illustration Elli Chortara © 2014. All Rights Reserved.

Season’s Greetings and Thank you


Here is my e-card for the nearby festivities. With 2013 about to depart, well here is a seasonal e-card and also collaborative challenge theme illustration combined all in one. Greetings/Thanks to all my blog followers for keeping updated with my illustrations! On this Illustration © Elli Chortara 2013 – Fonts are brilliant but not mine!

After The Fair


This is my latest illustration that comes along with the season after visiting some markets/fairs! This is a vector textured image and was fun to create it as usual! I also wanted to add a bit of perspective on this one, while adding more detailed elements. © Elli Chortara

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