No title – Don’t know what it is called yet illustration!

Hello! As promised this year will be a creative one with more and more illustrations coming up and and even more creativity for good measure! Well just a few days after the start of the new year and feeling more motivated to be creative than ever.. – here is the newest illustration full of colours, shapes and shades for your eyes enjoyment all combined with a smile to keep lighting up our hearts! 🙂

Copyright © Elli Chortara 2015.


Music Around me


Here is the collaborative theme illustration for this month. Spring has well arrived and the selected theme is same as the title of this blog post – music is everywhere to explore! © Elli Chortara 2014 All rights reserved.

Decorative illustration


After a few days away from the blog, well, here I am back with my latest illustration! Fun as usual doing this, it is time for the collab theme challenge image and this time it is called Nature In Motion. It is a decorative leafy winter season style illustration. © Elli Chortara 2013


The Ride


Here is the latest image called ‘The Ride’ . Playful and colourful it was great fun finishing this poster like illustration with a slight touch of autumn and halloween too. All images © Elli Chortara. All rights reserved.

made of pure Love – fashion illo


I have come up with this fashion style illustration this week and am excited about using all those colour and vector layers, geometry and figure. Caution it may contain much much love on my part 🙂

Fashion Take On Streets


I have been reading a lot about Fashion Week and seen so many photos especially on Instagram – Inspired by all this I have come up with some urban fashion piece instead with some dreamy effects, act and dance style, placed outdoors in some random place and street. Was great fun playing around with this!

One Sticker and a Cat


This are two illustrations in one – the left combining a sticker submission and the other one complementing the first and it is part of a cat day theme

Fashion illustration


This is a new fashion illustration created this week playing with texture and lines. All Rights Reserved © Elli Chortara.

Birds with Cold Summer Drinks


Here is the latest image I have done, it is called Birds with Cold Summer Drinks. Those friendly but naughty birds approach our tables to play with our summer drinks. Enjoyed working on this piece, while adding more details incorporating human figure and some sort of motion playing around with vectors and creating some texture styles. © Elli Chortara. All Rights Reserved.

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