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Here is my latest one! Very vintage indeed – Combining F1 car style with a some kind of random space ship from the past – parked into an abstract port and using some reds, yellows and blues for a retro style palette – and with this composition visually ‘completing’ a circle of collaboration of blog posts – adding of course a cup cake on the side for a blog anniversary – since it is a due collaboration theme time of month and it has been almost a year this theme choice challenge has started! Also have added some texture a technique I have been trying a bit more recently.


Port Reconstruction


Here is one of my latest images called Port Reconstruction. I must admit that having moved to a city that also has a port with a bit of an industrial area around it too, has been a strong inspiration for this image in terms of incorporating some of the stylistic and building elements to this illustration. All work is copyright of © Elli Chortara 2013 All rights reserved.

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