Collaboration theme


Here is my latest one! Very vintage indeed – Combining F1 car style with a some kind of random space ship from the past – parked into an abstract port and using some reds, yellows and blues for a retro style palette – and with this composition visually ‘completing’ a circle of collaboration of blog posts – adding of course a cup cake on the side for a blog anniversary – since it is a due collaboration theme time of month and it has been almost a year this theme choice challenge has started! Also have added some texture a technique I have been trying a bit more recently.


Birds with Cold Summer Drinks


Here is the latest image I have done, it is called Birds with Cold Summer Drinks. Those friendly but naughty birds approach our tables to play with our summer drinks. Enjoyed working on this piece, while adding more details incorporating human figure and some sort of motion playing around with vectors and creating some texture styles. © Elli Chortara. All Rights Reserved.

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